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Record function will not end in Section 1.1 Play It

David K

David K

During a review of early lessons I find that when using the "record" function within the Play It section of  1.1  the record function will not turn off making it impossible to complete section.  One can exit but but not proceed to play-back.

I know this same kind of error was correct in the German module several months ago.  And it worked the previous time I went through this section about two months ago. 

Maybe you programmers are just working on that section.  I am talking about the simple record and playback, not voice recognition.
marieg-rocket languages

marieg-rocket languages

Hi David, 

Thank you for your feedback on this lesson; I just tried Play It for lesson 1.1 and it worked OK with and without the voice recognition feature; do you continue to have the problem? If you are, please send us, if possible, a screenshot of what you are seeing to [email protected], along with the browser you were using.

David K

David K

Hi Marie,

The record function is working perfectly now.  In fact, better than before, as it appears that the end recognition has been shortened. 

Thank you.


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