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Robert Cox new to chinese



Well I may be going to Beijing for work for 6 months and decided to learn some of the language. I don’t really need to learn it because most people speak English where I will be going but I feel it important to take the opportunity, and I feel that my relationship with the Chinese people will be enhanced if I make the effort to speak the language. The course is great but I’m a little slow at picking these things up so I go over and over the lesions. I am up to lesion three now and growing in confidence as I learn more. There was a patch around lesion two and three were I struggled and found the going hard. Too many new words and trying to jump ahead too fast with expectations of retaining the info. I am now learning in detail lesion 3 but I still go over lesion 1 & 2 and read and listen ahead (lightly) lesions 4 and 5. This seems to work for me. But to get it right I have to cover the lesions 20 or more times before I’m comfortable that it has stuck in my mind. Anyway I think the course is great and I am lucky to have found this resource. The family are now the subject of my practice and they are greeting me back in Chinese.


??? It is good to know that you are increasingly confident with your Chinese now. It is true that the first few steps towards learning a new language can be a lot of work. Just take your time, and do it at your own pace. It is good to get everything well-stuck in your head first before moving on to a new lesson rather than going at a fast speed and end up with everything from the previous lesson being forgotten. ?????

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