Rocket Chinese Platinum


Thank you for creating this. As soon as I got the email I bought it. There is lots of good stuff in it.

Now in the future, please consider making some Travelogue series like you did for Spanish and Russian.


Robert 你好!

Haha, I just left you a comment in another thread asking you if you had seen the Platinum level. I agree (as modestly as possible :) ), I think the content in this new lesson is very much tailored to your possible China experience, and the specific situations you come across when learning Chinese and travelling to China.

As for the suggestion about making a Travelogue series, I'm sure that will be next on the list. However, I will still make sure it is passed on and that we include that in future development considerations.

多谢您对我们的支持!Thank you for your support and I hope you enjoy our course.

   -   Lin Ping


I was downloading my Platinum level audio lessons this morning, but couldn't find the download links for the Survival Kit (Links are given for Premium Plus level). Are these available, and if so, where do I find them?



Does the Platinum course have the same format/structure as the first two courses ?


Yes, it has the same format and structure as previous courses.


Thanks for info


I just filled out the survey and went from Chinese Guru to Chinese Learner ... How did that happen?

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