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Some Initial Concerns



I am new here and really enjoying the lessons so far but I have some concerns. *Saving note in each lesson.* The "saved" notes I made during lessons keep disappearing and I must retype them again which is quite time consuming and frustrating. Is there a problem with the system, and if so, will it soon be corrected? *Log-in issue.* Also, when I join this community I had to type in a username before being allowed access to it. I have no problem with this but when I return to my lessons and later wish to revisit this community I am asked to type in another username, this is even while my original username is still visible on the top's as if I am already logged in but denied access until I type in my name again. I am curious as to why this is? *Response time.* Finally, looking around the forum I see it can take several weeks for some queries to be responded to, which in my view is a long time. Is there a way to receive a faster response? Thanks in advance. Patrick


Ni hao! Wo shi Lin The first two concerns are technical issues, I am not really sure, will ask the technical support staff later. Sorry about the long waiting time for replies. We will make every effort to reply asap from now on.

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