Test1 of Custom Chinese Flashcards

David K

David K

I just created my first custom Chinese Flashcard, which appears to be the first of any.  It just has one care that says Chinese people.  I made it public so we can test the new sharing function.  

Can someone please import it and see if it works for you?  It works fine for me.




I tried to look at your set but it said only full members can access it. I am a full member so that looks like a bug.
David K

David K

Thanks Robert,

I just created another test file called "Chinese Question Words To Test Custom Flashcards   David K" which has already exposed an error in the Flashcard entry system.  The system is cool despite this error.

It has four columns for English, Hanzi, Pinyin, and Audio, however, after entry the system switches the Hanzi and Pinyin entries which then causes them to display incorrectly.

So, after our illuminating discussion a month ago I switch my defaults to display just the Hanzi on the front, and the PinYin and English on the back.

On my playback the PinYIn shows up on the Front and all three show up on the back without spacing between them.

Please check it out.  You should find six cards for where, when, how, why, etc.

So these are minor format errors the Rocket Team ought to be able to correct straight away.  I'll send a note to Jason about your issue.  I've received the full members only error message sometimes, but it is quickly replaced by access.

We are getting close Robert.  I find this to be pretty exciting.

BTW after our conversation and nong fu's suggestion I went back and made 3x5 index card flashcards of every stroke, radical, character, word, and key phrase in the first two modules so I could understanding the Hanzi.  I ended up with over 500 cards which I intended to enter in the custom feature here, but then last week discovered that www.Memrise.com has an Introductory Mandarin for the HSK1 Exam Prep that contains around 750 words.  I'm up to around 400 and it looks like their set includes every one of mine, but better done with spaced repitition and clusters that help one learn to distinguish between  words that have similar sounds, tones, or Hanzi. 

I now think this ought to be a pre-requisite to this Rocket course, or at least a concurrent supplement until this course can be redesigned to include the unexplained foundational words and radicals.

I've also found some cool posters of the "225 Most Common Radicals" and Character Frequency lists for 100, 200, 250, 300, 500, 1000, 1500, all the way up to 5,000 which look like great supplements for the course here which is still my favorite.



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