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Hi RocketChinese Team,

I started with my chinese training here 4 years ago.
I studied around half a year with RocketChinese. 
I was quite satisfied with my progress, than I entered a language school in Taipei.

I very soon realised I need to start from beginning, and could not make much use of the RocketChinese Training.
One reason was, that the basic knowledge of simplified chinese didn't help me any.

So I stopped using RocketChinese completely.
Now I gave it a try again, and I am very impressed with all the improvement on the technology side.
I really like your speech recognisation. Also great technology switch from Flash to modern web technology.

Thumps up for this tough and great decision!

But to be really useful for me, I need support of traditional characters. I have already read some older statements about not supporting traditional characters. So I would love a switch in your system for traditional characters.

Could you please reconsider your previous decision?

Kind Regards
marieg-rocket languages

marieg-rocket languages

Hi Jan, 

Thank you very much for your comments and feedback. For the time being, we only offer Simplified Chinese Mandarin and we have not been informed of a new version of the course. I will forward the message as feedback to our Language Development Team. 

Kind Regards!


One thing Rocket Chinese can consider is adding a line of Traditional Chinese Mandarin under the Simplified Chinese Mandarin on the lessons.  Another idea would be to add a more detailed lesson discussing the differences between traditional and simplified Mandarin. Most of the differences I think lie in the radicals and only some of them. If you learn those differences, then it is not quite as bad.


Robert-C7 你好!

I will pass this suggestion on to the development team. As you know simplified is used in Mainland China and that is what I grew up on and although I understand many traditional characters, it is still a challenge for me when I come across them. Most traditional characters make for sense than simplified though, because either they bear a closer resemblance to the original pictograph or they are more complete in terms of radicals, so for me there is a certain depth and beauty to them.

Anyway, I'm blabbing on, I will see if we can't add that to the list.

Keep up the good work!

   -   Lin Ping

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