I don't see any pinyin for the conversation transcript, only the English translation.  I have been using Rocket Chinese for 2 months and this is the first time I've had this problem.  Please let me know how to recover the pinyin.  Thanks.  Mike


The dialog transcript and extra vocabulary still show Pinyin.  However, a lot of the tests apparently do not show Pinyin or Hanzi anymore.  I agree - Pinyin and Hanzi should be displayed.  For instance, in Hear It Say It, it says the phrase, then on reveal, only shows the English.  Similarly, "Know It" only speaks the answer but does not display either Pinyin or Hanzi.


Hmmm - another points award glitch - I did not get the points for the previous reply but I am guessing that this reply will award them.

YES - it did.


Is the dialog transcript the same as the conversation transcript.  If so, I don't see pinyin.  If not, please let me know where to find the dialog transcript.  Thanks very much.


I see the pinyin in the conversation transcript and the extra vocabulary within the lesson.  That is what I meant by dialog transcript.

You should click on your name in the upper right corner of the screen and see what your settings are.  You have probably selected "Don't show romanized text of foreign language phrases" check box.  If that is selected, you will not see any pinyin.


I saw that the box was unchecked to begin with.  Out of curiosity, I checked it and then saw that the hanzi was restored.  When I next unchecked it, both the hanzi and pinyin were there. 


Both the hanzi and pinyin are missing on my computer this morning as well. Only the english translation is there. When I check/uncheck the box only the hanzi appears/disappears and the pinyin stays missing.
I see there is a new section pertaining to
 Voice recognition difficulty-- Beginner ,  Intermediate,   Advanced. 
I wonder if this perhaps pertains to the problem.


Getting the pinyin back was  a flluke.  It only worked once.  From Alan's post I conclude the problem is not likely with my computer. I emailed technical help last night but have yet to get a response, no doubt because of the time difference.

marieg-rocket languages

Hi guys, 

We apologize for the inconveniences caused. The issue should have been resolved by now. 

Kind Regards!

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