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the new voice recognition  is  helpful feature, but in Chinese there is one little "problem": it shows what it "heared" only in Hanzi. So, if you don't know the Hanzi, you don't know what was wrong in your spoken reply - tone or vocal or consonant or... If there were also a Pinyin transscript you could see details of your mistake. It would be more helpful for correction. Just an idea! 


I would second that. The Google api does show pinyin in google translate itself, so it should be possible ;)


I agree, that would be a very useful feature! As it is I go to a different website (freelax) to input the hanzi character and see the pinyin transcript to understand my mistakes!


When I enter characters into Google Translate, it shows the pinyin below once I hit enter.  So, Google has the technology in place.  Hopefully, Rocket Chinese can think of some way to add this feature.


for me 90% of voice recognition not even works . and as i am in china now it almost never works. so not realy helpful for me


I think the feature "transcription hanzi into Pinyin"  does exist in Rocket Chinese because the  other points have it included. Otherwise Google technology surely would be a helpfull idea.
But I agree: if "voice recognition" does not work, I won't need pinyin - but I also won't need hanzi.


I'm just getting back to Chinese and reviewing old material. But I'm having trouble with the new Rocket Record voice recognition. It seems to be sporadic. Like in Lesson 1.1, when I say Dave's sentences, it says I'm doing it wrong - even the words "Lewis" and "Dave"! But most of Lin Ping's sentences come out fine.  And in the tone lesson, I have repeated words over and over, and I know some pronunciations have been correct. But it still shows many as wrong or it can't "hear" me. I plugged in one hanzi word on Google translate to see what it thought I said, and it wasn't even close to what I said.

I liked the old Rocket record, because I could listen to the teacher and then listen to my own voice. I could even listen to them together. It was easy to hear differences then. But this is frustrating. Rocket Record has always been my favorite part of this program, but I'm not sure I like the new version, because it isn't consistent. I don't have time for the frustration of having it not "hear" me, no matter how loud or soft I speak. It will do fine for several words and then it won't work on one, two, or several others. Single words and sentences, it happens with both. I hope improvements are in the works.

David K

Hi Jeanne,
The new voice recognition system does not work with many operating systems.  I use Firefox so still get the old system.  You could install Firefox and use it just for this one app and I think you will have what you want.



I am using it with Google Chrome. It just doesn't like the way I say some words, I guess - especially in English (like Dave!) - go figure.

David K

Jasen, the CEO, says the new voice recognition was designed for Google Chrome because of the special features it has.  So it it doesn't work with Chrome there are probably still major bugs in the system. 


thats a very long time for a bug... any idea when the next RC will be shown we can test it before you accept it right..


Hi everyone, thanks so much for your comments.  You have mentioned a couple of things in this thread, the first being the option of adding pinyin to the results given by Rocket Record.  I have passed this request onto the IT team, and they will look into whether it's possible.  It sounds like a useful option to have, so here's hoping we can add it to the Rocket Chinese course in the not-too-distant future.  My apologies for the delay in following up on this request.

In regards to using the voice recognition feature, this is still only currently available on the Chrome browser.  As David mentioned, Firefox uses voice comparison software, which allows you to record yourself, but everything is then self-rated, as opposed to the software processing a rating for you.  Some users prefer the self-rating option, so it's good to have that available.  All other browsers (I.E., Safari) do not include any option to record yourself.

Jeanne, I'm sorry to hear that you are having trouble with Rocket Record.  There are a few things we can recommend:

- Use a headset to record yourself
- Try refreshing the page if you get an error message
- Ensure your surroundings are quiet
- Use a fast internet connection
- Go here for more help on checking your mic settings etc:

I hope that helps!


Hi have pretty much given up on the voice recognition. 

Sometimes I will be just starting to record the sentence and it will stop and say it's incorrect with the transcription showing rubbish like apct ro or sometimes it will all be correct but it will only have 2 characters because it was cut off.

Then other times it will report 100% on a long sentence even if I know i mumbled my words.

My wife is a native speaker and I often get her to try it out and she also gets it marked as incorrect quite often.

I think it's important to remember that this kind of technology is very new and still sometimes struggles with native speakers so if you are a beginner it will be even worse. What's important is that people can understand you. Many voice recognition apps don't even work well for me in English.



Well after more than a " Year " I would have hoped on a solution for the issue.


@Oliver Voice reckognition technology has been in development for over 20 years and is still buggy. Different systems are better at it than others. Try talking to your phone or computer in English and see if it can capture what you said exactly. Have a look at the auto subtitles on Youtube too. 

You will see that voice recognition while maturing and good for things like Siri where you ask short simple commands. But to use it to try and comprehend a language learners pronunciation is difficult. As I said earlier, even when I speak English into these systems they have trouble understanding me (partly due to Australian accent) and my Wife who is a native Chinese speaker with excellent pronunciation (No strong regional accent) doesn't get understood perfectly by most voice recognition systems.

Your best bet is to mimic Lin Ping's pronunciation and listen back to it comparing to Lin's and self grade. Because you may be saying a phrase perfectly fine but the computer just cannot grasp it, and other times you may mumble or mix something up and it will say it's correct.


I am lessbothered by the voice recognition reporting back in Hanzi, because it helps me learn the Chinese characters with less reliance on Pinyin, but of course there are many chinese words that sound the same and so get marked wrong because of the similar sounding character.

 I agree with Andrew that the best test is playback and compare but of course you cannot do that on android because neither  the app and or the webpage  support it.- why on earth is this not a priority fix, as other users have complained over a year ago and we still do not have a fix that allows us to playback our own voice on Android, even though they suggest the full course is available on android by the statement:

"Can I use the course on my iPad, iPhone, Kindle, smartphone or tablet?
You sure can! We have a free app for both Android and iOS devices. Search for Rocket Languages in the iTunes Store or Play Store. If you have a Kindle Fire, the app is also available in the Amazon Appstore".  

Rocket languages please step up to the plate and match your promise.

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