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Write it test on Android should allow Google pinyin keyboard Chinese character


I am trying to enhance Chinese read and write. Unfortunately the write it tests only accept pinyin with tones. If I use the Google pinyin input keyboard v I can quickly input the correct character, but your app will mark answer as wrong, even though I show the same character as the answer. I think you should be encouraging Chinese character answer and mark it as correct. Or allow the user to put either pinyin or character answer. Currently it is disappointing that you call it writing when you do not allow Chinese writing and only allow pinyin. Pinyin is not as useful on the streets of China.

marieg-rocket languages

Hi Ross, 

We appreciate your suggestions as we are always working on improving the course. I have passed your comments on to our Language Development team for their consideration. 



Hi Ross,

If you are using the Rocket Languages app, you will, you will see in the testing area a total of 6 icons. The second icon (a pencil) is for Write It in Pinyin, while the 6th icon (also a pencil) is for Write It (Extra) which tests you on the Simplified Chinese instead. 

If you are using the desktop version, you can find second Write It under "Extra Testing" below the regular tests on the page. 

I hope that helps!


I felt the same as you about this until i started doing the writing extra section. By learning both methods you force yourself to learn the tones for the words. And then when doing the characters section you learn that as well. I have actually found that the character section is easier as you do not need to memorize the tone and the phone usually predicts the correct character. 

I have found that I can type plenty of correct Chinese words by just sounding out the pinyin and then recognizing the correct character from my phone's suggestion. But with a pen and paper I'd probably struggle to write more that 10 characters. I think i may start using google pinyin's handwriting input instead to burn the characters into my head better.


After using it for a while, l totally agree with Andrew 360 that writing it out without Google prediction is the real test that proves you know it. My only real complaint is that it is so fiddly to put in the accented characters because of the altshift key to swap keyboards. Surely rocket Chinese can come up with a virtual keyboard that puts both standard and accented characters on one larger visible keyboard. Then the Chinese pinyin test would be way less tedious and perhaps fun.

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