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writing lessons - please add a "write it in Hanzi"



The other lessons have "Write it in Hanzi" in the extra testing sections. The writing lessons only have the "write it (in Pinyin)". If you had a "write it in Hanzi", I can use the Google input tools to draw it.
David K

David K

Excellent point.  Drawing the Hanzi would be so much faster, and educationally useful than trying to enter Hanzi with the 2nd Write It Hanzi entry keyboard which takes forever with long sentences. 

I'll have to look up this google Hanzi drawing tool you refer to.   I've been practicing drawing the characters on paper worksheets several sites allow you to print out.  I'm astonished at the number of resources available for free on YouTube, and google searches of Learning Mandarin, Mandarin Characters, Mandarin Radicals, Learning Mandarin.

I'm about to order a laminated wall poster of 1500 Mandarin characters.

But, now I'm also worried our NSA and PRC are going to put me on a watchlists for looking up "100 Chinese  Radicals to Know and Love." 

BTW Thanks for all your help Robert.  Do I remember correctly your wife has family in China?  Were they  impacted by this latest Typhoon?


If you use the Chrome browser, you can install "Google Input Tools". Then you can select the languages you want to use and input methods. This includes one where you type in what it sounds like and it presents characters. Also, it includes a drawing box where you draw the character and it shows you what it thinks you are drawing.

Using the first method, I can fly through the Write It 2 tests. The key is being able to recognize the character(s) that you need to select.

My wife's relatives are in the Guangdong province and inland a bit so there were not affected by the typhoon.
David K

David K

Thanks Robert,  Such help is much appreciated and invaluable.

As I mentioned before, for the last week I've been spending a lot of time on the Memrise HSK Level 1 Vocabulary course hoping that it will help me better understand the many unexplained Chinese characters used within words (both components and radicals)  in our Rocket course.

One word I've just learned is for  "old (honorable) teacher, Maybe Jason should create a new Badge beyong "Black Hero" to be "老教师" or venerable " Old Teacher" which I would recommend both you and nong fu for.
Lǎo jiàoshī
Old Teacher.

Fēicháng gǎnxiè nǐ.
Thank you very much.


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