Exuse Me?


how do you say excuse me,as if you need to pass by people in a crowded bus or elevator ? "sorry" is incorrect Dui Bu Qi is not correct when asking for assistance simply say hello "ni hao" or Please ask "Qing Wen" what are you sorry for ?


I believe the proper choice is "jièguāng" (借光). Rocket Chinese uses this in 2.8 and I have heard it used on Amazing Race China Rush. Example from 2.8: Jièguāng, wǒ chūqù yīxià. (Excuse me, can I get out please?)


dubuchi or laojia, either one works!


I think dubuchi is just a very bad pronunciation of Dui Bu Qi, it may work but that doesn't make it correct !


Duìbùqǐ (对不起) is "I'm sorry". jièguāng" (借光) is "Excuse me". If you are pushing your way through a crowd, it is probably better to say "Excuse me" than "I'm sorry" unless you knocked someone down and you want to make amends.


thank-you Robert and LaoJie [excuse me I need help]


I think the best choice would be 不好意思. I've seen this being used in Beijing and Taiwan.


大家好! We more often than not simply say 不好意思 which is a very polite way of getting somebody to move out of your way without directly asking them to do so. 希望这会有帮助!I hope this is helpful! - Lin Ping


Some of these words I've heard from Chinese people. 不好意思/对不起,我过一下。 Excuse me, can I pass? 不好意思 过一下 借光 I saw this word in the book, but never heard that before.

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