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can someone explain how this means "it really is as big as a city" Tā zhēn de xiàng yī zuò chéngshì yíyàng. i dont really get this sentence structure and grammer. can someone give me a few more examples using this? thanks!


它真的像一座城市一样 ta zhen de xiang yi zuo chengshi yiyang it really de resembles one mw city the same 你姐姐好像你妹妹一样高 ni jiejie haoxiang ni meimei yiyang gao your older sister resembles your younger sister same tall go here for more examples



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tā zhēn de xiàng yī zuò chéngshì yíyàng. 它真得像一座城市一样 1. xiàng...yíyàng is a "same as" form. 2. zhēn de xiàng: same is modified by "really" (zhēn) so 3. zhēn de xiàng...yíyàng is "it really is the same as" form 4. yī zuò chéngshì = a city 5. The subject of the sentence is tā (it). So you get "it" "really is the same as" "a city". There is no "big" in this sentence even though Rocket Chinese provides that in the translation (grrr). The translation is how we might best say it in English.


Can I offer you some more information? For complete mandarin word order Sbj + Tme + Mnr + Plc + Neg + Aux + Vrb + Cmp + Obj (subject, adverbials, negative, auxiliary verb, verb, complement, object) Cr.

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