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How can I remember the Kanji characters easily?


Nin hao, I know that Kanji is very important when learning Chinese and I was wondering, How can I remember the Chinese character, what it means, and how to pronounce it? Can you please help me so I can learn chinese better.


Kanji refers to Japanese. The Chinese term is hanzi. For starters here is a most common characters list: Next, use NCIKU and try a search on one of these characters. At the bottom of each character‘s page shows the radical components. You can click on each individual piece and keep going smaller and thus can learn the makeup of the common characters. For example扣 kòu is a verb meaning to button among other things thus a 手 radical on the left and a 口 radical on the right for pronunciation guide. You see? Most characters are more or less like this 扣.


Thanks for sharing this! I'm looking forward to digging deeper into reading hanzi.


Wow oggie thanks alot for sharing this! It makes me happy to see that I know aprox. at least 100+ of those most commonly used characters :')


Another website to explore is Arch Chinese. A useful feature is their flash cards. Also, you can click on a character and it will tell you what radicals it is composed of and other useful information.


Yo Keyatta. I'm not answering your question, but I noticed you are learning Japanese and Chinese too. Take care not to mix them up. In Chinese, we have simplified writing and traditional writing. Limited places are still using traditional writings and (I think) they believe the beauty in the words are gone for simplified Chinese. (They might think it is too simplified) Japanese will use traditional Chinese for kanji. I cannot confirm Japanese will not have simplified. Some Japanese kanji was not Chinese I believe. For example, map is 地図 in Japanese but 地图 in Simplified and 地圖 in Traditional Chinese. Stroke orders are different as well so do take note! (Eg for 王) Happy learning!

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