How to talk about age


Can someone please help me figure out the difference between these statements? They all seem to mean "I am old". 我老 我年纪大 Or these, which both seem to mean "I am young": 我年纪小 我年轻 Thanks!


Compare this English: I'm old <-> I'm of old age I'm young <-> I'm of young age To sum up, the words on my right side column are more wordy?


Mr Oggiedoggy is right. One sounds a bit more wordy. Also, 老 might not sound good to some people as it literally means old. The second one, in broken English, "my age big" is a bit more soft as you're not saying OLD directly :P Also, I think people often use 年纪小 for kids 他年纪还小,不懂事。 He's still little; not sensible. 年轻is literally young. So you're still 年轻 when you're 20+. Your 年纪已经不小了!

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