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learning chinese



How long does it take to learn chinese?


I found this site that I think you might be interested in. I posted the link below. Zaijian. P.S. You might need to copy and paste this link.


Hello Mr Darius, I have been told many times that if you're stranded in a place where everyone speaks a language foreign to you, you pick it up really quickly! (I guess that's why babies learn so quickly) The answer to this question is completely subjective as it depends on how hard to study it daily etc! However, I should note that Chinese seems to be a more challenging language than some other languages. It also depends on what you mean by 'learn.' Speaking? Writing? Even if you're a Chinese, you can't learn everything there is (otherwise you'll be a Chinese Linguist expert) just like you can't know every English words out there even when you're a native English speaker :P It's disappointing to put it that way but hey, learning is always fun!

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