Number of characters taught.



How many Chinese characters (video clips) are taught in the course?


Hello Harry,

We currently have 3 levels of Chinese lessons; each level contains 7 modules; each module 4-5 lessons; and each character taught in video varies on the level you're in.

For level one, there are around 3-5 characters taught per lesson; level 2 a little bit more; and level 3 usually 8 per lesson as we cover two chengyus (成语, chéngyǔ) per lesson and each chengyu is composed of 4 characters.

So that rounds up to about 500 at least. But the wonderful thing about Chinese is, some of those characters are also radicals in other characters, which means once you are able to write the more basic ones, the rest multiplies.

We wish you a very fruitful journey!

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