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position of duōcháng shíjiān


Is it possible to say Nǐ duōcháng shíjiān xuéxí Hànyǔ le?  instead of Nǐ xuéxí Hànyǔ duōcháng shíjiān le?  If not, what is the rule for positioning adverbial expressions?  Thanks very much.   Mike


I am guessing probably not.  One rule I have learned is that word order does not change when asking a question.  One answers the question by replacing the question phrase with the answer.  So, if I ask "you have studied Chinese how long", you answer "I have studied Chinese for two years".  In this case, the "duōcháng shíjiān" is replaced with "liǎng nián".


Here is a link to a page describing placement of question words:

It doesn't directly answer your question but it is useful to read.

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