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Sentence Order/Structure


Ni hao. Where in the lessons is sentence order/structure explained? Does anyone know of a good place online to learn sentence order/structure? I tried looking through the lessons, but have not been able to find anything that helps. By understanding the sentence order/structure will help me to learn more vocabulary and get a better grasp on Hanyu.


you just have to pick it up as you go


In another question somebody asked the above questions and I shared with them a site on the internet called Quizlet, but another person recommended buying a book on Chinese Grammar. Here is the link. Gabriela P.C.


Hao de! I will check it out. Xie xie nin!


I have found Quizlet to be very useful, particularly for drilling on Hanzi characters. I have created a lot of my own sets which you can search for under my username. I am also the one who shared this grammar book which I find to be very concise and useful.

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