sentence structure


i am studying chinese in taiwan and we are using traditional chinese so its kinda difficult for me to understand most words on here however i really do not get the sentece structure of this language and i am on chapter 9 in our text book. also is there an easy way to help me remember the vocabulary


If you are still looking for a answer to this. The answer is that it is different for every person. For me it is easier to write it out over and over again. For instance, yesterday whenever I was practicing writing in Chinese, I kept on messing up (you would not want to guess how many times I wrote in Hanzi and still did not get it right) You could also try to read it over and over. Also there is a program on the internet called Quizlet it might help.


You might want to consider buying a book on Chinese grammar. The sentence structure is quite different from English. A good book I own is this: Basic Patterns of Chinese Grammar: A Student's Guide to Correct Structures and Common Errors by Qin Xue Herzberg and Larry Herzberg


of all things in Chinese, grammar should be easy

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