verb 尝



if i want to say the 饺子 tasted good can i say:饺子尝得很好。i can 't understand the use of this verb.


The verb in that sentence is 尝 and the complement is 很好. The particle 得 connects the verb to the complement.

This page may help explain the grammar behind this.



尝 is a verb that means 'to taste' in the physical and verbal sense, but not in the descriptive sense. Therefore, we could say something like:

Zhèxiē jiǎozi wǒ kěyǐ chángyīcháng ma? 
Can I try these dumplings?

However, if we want to say that they taste good, we need to say that their taste or flavour is good. For example:

Zhèxiē jiǎozi wèidao hěnhǎo! 
These dumplings taste good! (literally: the flavour of these dumplings is good!)

Unfortunately we can't always translate things directly and have to take a round-about route to our final goal. I hope this has cleared things up!

Keep up the good work!

   -   Lin Ping


Thank you for clarifying that. It makes sense.

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