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Forum Rocket Chinese Chinese Grammar Xiàgè xīngqī versus Xiàyīgè hángbān

Xiàgè xīngqī versus Xiàyīgè hángbān



Why is there yī with 'next' when it is used with 'flight' but not with 'week'?


xiage xingqi refers to next week whereas xiayige hangban means the next scheduled flight. 


Barryh, 你好!

下个星期 as you pointed out correctly means "next week" and is more or less a fixed phrase. However, 下一个 refers to 'the next one of something', and in our example above that is "下一个航班" --- 'the next [one] scheduled flight'.

In fact, 下个 and 下一个 are interchangeable. Thta's to say that although the convention is to say 下个星期, you could also say 下一个星期. 

I hope this helps,



Thank you for clarifying that.

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