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Correct pronunciation of hěnhǎo

David K

David K

In the practice box in the "Hear It" section of 1.0 Dave seems to pronounce hěnhǎo as "herhow" when Lin and everywhere else it is pronounced "HenHow" like the English "hen".  Is this a regional dialect or an error? 

Wǒ yě hěnhǎo。Xièxie。
I'm also very good. Thanks.


David K

David K

This is in the third conversation box of the very first lesson.  The third sentence.


Hi David,

Thanks for pointing this out.  I think that Dave does pronounce the word "HenHow", but the n is very soft - certainly much softer than Lin's version.  That may be because Dave is not a native speaker.  I will pass this on to the Rocket Chinese team for checking though.

Thanks again!

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