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Hi, I cannot get legible text when i export my vocab to a csv / excel file. I get words / phrases like: ""Nǐmen yǒu shénme chá", "What tea do you have?","" How do I fix this? i presume it's an excel issue not a Rocket issue.


Most definitely an issue with my computer / keyboard setting as if I import file to ipad i can see all the letters.


If I were to guess it would be that you need a Chinese Language Pack installed on your computer.


First of all, you need to import it to excel,  not just open it --> open blank excel document and import .csv as a text. There will be window with few option, and you need to use "65001 Unicode (UTF8)" for a start.

[ I know, that's a year after your first question, but I've had the same problem]



While I can export my vocabulary by means of the csv, the resulting list shows the words only in hanzi, not pinyin. Is there any way to get both the hanzi and pinyin words exported?

Thanks in advance!

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