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flashcards for Rocket Writing Lessons, module 1


I manually imported a set I created on Quizlet two years ago. It has all of the words used in the writing lessons plus additional words that I thought I would want to learn right away.

I will create a lot more once we have the ability to import from an outside source.

David K

Thanks Robert. Can't wait to check them out.

Have you found a way to record audio for flashcards?

Change the order of flashcards?

Build on previous set while preserving the original?

We should also be able to import from the existing flashcard sets.

We're moving forward bit by bit.  It does take an incredible amount of time to create them but I found them to be well worth the effort.



I have not found any way to record audio. I did not try to change the order or to try to add onto an existing set.

When I was building my Quizlet flashcard sets, I initially manually entered them. Then I learned how to import them so I started preparing them in Excel. Quizlet also allows you to create a new flashcard set using a previous set as a base and it is easy to add additional cards.

David K

How did you import them from quizlet?  Is this the new .csv thing you and jason have been talking about?  Was that released today without telling the rest of us?


Here is what I did.
1. Export flashcard set in Quizlet
2. Copy and paste into Excel spreadsheet
3. Create Rocket flashcards and manually copy and paste each entry from the spreadsheet
As you can see, step 3 is a manual tedious process. I am waiting for the ability to do mass imports like I can in Quizlet.



I admire your persistence and diligence when it comes to flashcards. I will pass the idea of importing flashcards along to our technical support and see if we can't this incorporated. Also, what do you guys think of the potential idea of having a more robust platform through which all members can share flashcard sets?

你们对这些建议有何想法?What do you think of this?

Keep up the good work.

   -   Lin Ping


Yes, having a more robust platform would be good. By the way, I tried importing from Excel but I could not get it to work. I have it set up where English in in one column, Pinyin in another column, and Hanzi is in the third column. I went back to copying and pasting using manual entry.

On the flashcards for lessons, I would like to see one for the entire module.


Robert 你好!

Hmm, that's odd! Did you follow the the formatting of the example file provided? Let me know if it still doesn't work.

On a slightly different note, we have our Platinum course up and running now. We are very much looking forward to what all our Rocket members think of this new edition. You can also sign up for a free trial so swing by and take a look.


   -   Lin Ping


Yes, I tried formatting as suggested. Unfortunately, after many attempts, all of which failed, I gave up.

Quizlet allows you to copy and paste into a form that takes it somehow.


Hi Robert, 

Our IT team checked out your error logs and it seems like there was a typo in your data. On the first line of your excel sheet, you have "Pinyi" instead of "Pinyin" which causes the import to fail.

If you correct the typo and try again, it should work - I hope that helps!


I tried it again and it worked. In this case, the column heading were "english", "pinyin" and "hanzi". Create the spreadsheet and then copy and paste into the text box.

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