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Introducing myself as Australian and not American



I'm just starting to learn Chinese and I want to know how to introduce myself as an Australian but the system assumes Im an American student.


I've already asked the help centre but they weren't able to help.  I also sent an email to Lin Ping but no reply.


Does anyone in this forum know the pinyin version of Australian?


Though, I see that the comments on this forum are very old, Im guesing its not used all that much.


The lack of response from Rocket Chinese, to what I thought was a very simply question, is disheatening and Im starting to question if purchasing this program was such a good idea afterall.  It was expensive and though I don't mind investing in myself, I don't like to feel ripped off.


I hope that someone, somewhere, reads my message and is able to reassure that I've made a good purchase and more importantly, can tell me how to introduce myself as an Australian.


Thank you





Hi everyone, I've now progressed to module 1.7 and this lesson include "Australian'.  


It appears that these Forums are not moderated or monitored.  It's a pity as it would be nice to interact with other students studying Chinese.  Though, I suppose that may be difficult if our native languages are all different??


Whoever JoJo is…'re a legend!!!!  Your daily score is soooo impressive, you must spend hours learning.  Its inspiring!  :)


Peace out





Hi Mirage,


  • As you have probably figured out from lesson 1.7, there are a few ways to express “I am Australian/I am from Australia” in Chinese:


我是澳大利亚人 (Wǒ shì Àodàlìyà rén) “I am Australian.” (lit. I be Australian person)

  • 我来自澳大利亚 (Wǒ láizì Àodàlìyà) “I come from Australian;” which is interchangeable with 
  • 我从澳大利亚来 (Wǒ cóng Àodàlìyà lái) “I am from Australis.” (lit. I from Australia come)


And here are some Australian cities in Chinese pinyin just in case they're useful to you:


Canberra 堪培拉 (Kānpéilā)

Sydney 悉尼 (Xīní)

Melbourne 墨尔本 (Mò'ěrběn)

Brisbane 布里斯班 (Bùlǐsībān)

Perth 珀斯 (Pòsī)

Adelaide 阿德莱德 (Ādéláidé)


On the other issue you mentioned, this forum is checked weekly, so a post might not get a response on the very next day, but it will be answered. :) Please don't hesitate to ask any questions you might have here.


We wish to assist you the best we can on a fruitful Chinese-learning journey! 



Thanks Eleanor  :)

Jo Jo

Jo Jo

 谢谢你 Mirage! 这是 JoJo.  我今天才看到这个!Haha!  我每天都学几个小时中文. 学中文很辛苦,但也很有趣!我希望你和我一样喜欢学习中文。!祝你好运!:)

Thank you, Mirage! This is JoJo.  I just saw this today! Haha! I do study Chinese for hours every day.  Learning Chinese is hard, but also fun! I hope you like learning Chinese as much as I do! Good luck!  :)



I've been enjoying learning Chinese so much that I've decided to visit China next year (2023)!!  


Your, not so secret (this is a public forum), number one fan.  


When I see you on the leadership board representing Chinese with all laguages 

………….I cheer  “Go JoJo Go!!!!!”




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