I was very enthusiastic of your teaching method for Chinese, and particularly appreciated your very witful "language and culture section". Much better than Duolingo or Busuu, which I had started following too.

Everything was magnificent at the beginning... best ever course I've seen, first lessons were marvelous, but then things started to change. 

Your selection of situations, terms and phrases started not to correspond to a useful and gradual beginners' form of learning. Your course looks more like a "Chinese for travellers" guide just to mention a part of it....

To cut it short, why do I have to learn how to say complicated phrases about enterprise contracts, or massage ambiance, or airplane problems, when I still have not been taught basic expressions like  how to name body parts, or colours, or sizes, or essential adverbs, just to name a few???



Hi Susana,

Thank you for reaching out to us! :) And sorry to hear that you're finding some of the lessons less helpful than others.

With our lesson spread (IAC, L&C, Writing, & Survival Kit), we always try our utmost to incorporate a diverse range of scenarios as well as grammatical points to cater to different users' needs. Regarding the specific examples you mentioned, maybe you could find some of them in Survival Kit lessons, where topical vocabularies such as colors, numbers, body parts, and a favorite among users--food--are all covered in level 1. And with level 2, we progress to some abstract concepts, for example, expressing one's emotions. We hope these lessons help users like you who are looking for a solid, well-rounded knowledge base when learning a new language. 

As for essential adverbs, you'll find a few basic ones with the character 得 (de) in L&C lessons, like this one, where we also go over adverbs of degree and scope adverbs. You can also turn an adjective into an adverb by adding a 地 (de) after the word, a little like how "ly" works in English. You'll also find this in later lessons.

We're always happy to receive feedbacks, so we could see how we might improve our lessons to help our users have a better and more efficient learning experience. That said, please feel free to continue this thread if you'd like to list a few other aspects that you feel are lacking in level 1. If they're not currently in our lessons, we'll certainly take them into considerations for lesson upgrades. 

Have a wonderful week ahead!

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