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Rocket Chinese Translation App for phone



Hello All, I have the Premium survival kit membership and wondered if Rocket Chinese have a translation App that I can download onto Samsun 3 phone please?


Google has a translation app which is quite good and free, however beyond this most students at the University where I study live and breath Pleco It is a paid app but has many features, flashcards, OCR, Dict, speech, handwriting etc. A few dollars but worth it. All the best.


When I first came to China, I used my tried and tested Nokia N95 8GB (with Symbian OS). Don't knock it, it may be old and not have an internal GPS, touch screen, and many other features but what it did do, it did very well. That is, until the Screen failed in Chengdu, on one visit. One does not realise how much you used and relied on the screen (for looking up Contacts, read Txt Messages etc). However, I will buy i) New Screen, ii) New Case/Keys, ii) Ribbon Slider Cable to have it working like new (along with some tools, as China immigration refused my CDR King Tool Kit in my hand carry luggage! So I bought a Chinese Android (2.3.6) Smart Phone (W80 Gentel) from WalMart. This was my intro into Abdroid and it proved to be a good experience, mostly. Tip: Chinese phone are a good price but come loaded with useless Chinese Language programs that can't be deleted (unless the Phone can reliably be 'Rooted' - which will in almost every case, invalidate any warranty!). There are however many many Android Apps that can be installed (via 3rd Party installers = like Mobo Market for example), that help with Chinese / English Translation etc, such as latest Android version of 'Google Translate'. Given a WiFi or 3G connection to the Internet, it can do Spoken Voice Translations and act as an 'Interpreter'. language packs can be Downloaded, so you don't need an Internet connection for simple 'Dictionary' Translations. I wanted to buy a 'Railway Ticket' from Mianyang to Chengdu the following Morning. I had already looked at the Timetable on-line, and found 2 x Trains that would get me to where I wanted in enough time. I simply spoke what i wanted to know into my Android Smart phone running Google Translate, with the Train Numbers pasted in, and had it convert to Chines Simplified, and show in large Font on the Screen and showed that to the Train Ticket Office. I got my Ticket issued for same CNY19.00, as shown on Website. I did not even have my Passport with me at that time!

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