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I find the vocabulary list after each lesson does not contain the new words in that lesson.  All he new words in each lesson should be given along with all words of previous lessons.  this will make the lessons easier.  


The extra vocabulary included with the lesson contains just that - extra vocabulary.  Many times the vocabulary has nothing to do with this lesson.  Sometimes it includes vocabulary for the next lesson.  In Rocket Chinese, often is includes the same vocabulary, lesson after lesson.  In Rocket Spanish it includes words and phrases introduced in the interactive audio that are not part of the lesson.  I wish more of that were done in Rocket Chinese.

I have suggested they also create a "lesson vocabulary" list containing words and phrases that are introduced by that lesson.  Maybe it should also contain older vocabulary that is used that we likely forgot.  Then, it would be helpful if there are some tools to help of drill on the vocabulary before moving onto to the full dialog.

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