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Vocabulary not highlighting lesson text

nóng fū

The vocabulary tool appears to only be working on an intermittent basis.  Within the last week, the lesson text is oftentimes not highlighted with the saved off vocabulary words.  Yesterday the highlighting was initially off and them magically reappeared.

For me, the ability to save vocabulary and access their definitions has been a very important feature of the Rocket Chinese tool.


Hello nóng fū ("farmer" I suppose?),

Thank you for your message.

Are you still having the same problems? Rocket Chinese runs best on Google Chrome, so if you are using another browser, maybe you could try it on Chrome. If the errors keep popping up, please specify which lessons are not working properly, so we could have a look and help resolve it for you.


nóng fū

Eleanor, Thank you for your offer of assistance, but Jason corrected this problem about two weeks ago. Cheers.


Hello nóng fū,

Glad to hear it's already fixed. :)

nóng fū

The one year clock on this fix must have expired.  Again, the lesson text is not highlighted with the saved off vocabulary words and this is a very useful feature in the Chinese lessons.

marieg-rocket languages

Hi Nóng fū, 

I am sorry to hear about the inconvenience; could you please check if the saved vocabulary phrase has a notation next to it? Like the ones that say "Literal"? If so, it is due to the notation that the highlight is not visible in the lesson, but the phrase/word Is saved; if you go to My Vocab, you will see the phrase there. 

Our tech support team is working on a solution to the highlight issue, so it is easier to see which phrases have been saved or not. 

Kind Regards


nóng fū

In the saved vocabulary there is no accompanying notation.

This "highlighting" functionality" has been available for a number of years and was turned off (as it is now) about one year ago.  I'm amazed that other Chinese language students aren't complaining about the loss of this feature.

This feature did not just highlight the saved vocabulary, but when the cursor passed over a highlighted data item the saved definition of that item was displayed.

So, this loss of function is a breakage in your current program.


My Chinese lessons also don't show the highlighted newly saved text.
I tried saving one new word in the lesson I'm currently working on and it goes through the motions of doing something but the end result is no saved highlighted text. 
 It works fine on a previously saved highlighted word in  rocket Spanish' 

nóng fū

It has been 2 weeks since I reported this change in the vocabulary highlighting.  A year ago when this happened Jason fixed the problem almost immediately and this is a major issue (at least for me) when dealing with the Chinese characters. 

At the minimum, please provide an update on the status of this program fault.

marieg-rocket languages

Hi nóng fū and Alan-L1, 

Unfortunately this is not a bug or an error on our side that is to be fixed; the phrases continue to be saved under My Vocab, but the highlight was removed due to the notations at the side of some of the phrases, and eventually, the highlight on phrases that didn't have notations were removed as well; we are looking into reverting back to the highlighted feature, but we would have to review each language to see what is the best way to show both notations and My Vocab without them clashing. I would not be able to provide a time frame of when this would be released or visible though. 

Best Regards

nóng fū

Wow. It is not only the highlighting of the vocabulary that went away, but also the display of saved definitions when the cursor was passed over the highlighted text.  From my perspective this is a major downgrade in the Rocket Chinese program.

marieg-rocket languages

Hi nóng fū, 

We were able to bring back the highlights and the option to hover over the mouse and see the notes on saved vocab. 

Kind Regards

nóng fū

Thank you.

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