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Vocabulary not highlighting lesson text

nóng fū

The vocabulary tool appears to only be working on an intermittent basis.  Within the last week, the lesson text is oftentimes not highlighted with the saved off vocabulary words.  Yesterday the highlighting was initially off and them magically reappeared.

For me, the ability to save vocabulary and access their definitions has been a very important feature of the Rocket Chinese tool.


Hello nóng fū ("farmer" I suppose?),

Thank you for your message.

Are you still having the same problems? Rocket Chinese runs best on Google Chrome, so if you are using another browser, maybe you could try it on Chrome. If the errors keep popping up, please specify which lessons are not working properly, so we could have a look and help resolve it for you.


nóng fū

Eleanor, Thank you for your offer of assistance, but Jason corrected this problem about two weeks ago. Cheers.


Hello nóng fū,

Glad to hear it's already fixed. :)

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