Forum Rocket Chinese Chinese Vocab 一张地图 (yī zhāng dìtú) vs 一本地图 (yī běn dìtú)

一张地图 (yī zhāng dìtú) vs 一本地图 (yī běn dìtú)



I understand that 张 (zhāng) is a measure word for flat things. Likewise, 本 (běn) is a measure word for bound objects, like books. 地图 (dìtú) means map. Would a Chinese listener infer two different meanings from each of these phrases: 一张地图 (yī zhāng dìtú) = a flat thing map 一本地图 (yī běn dìtú) = a bound map Would the first be the type of map you unfold and lay flat on a table? Would the second be an atlas? Does the choice of measure word make a difference or am I over-thinking this?

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