Asking what you do


Hi there, How would I say what do you do? And how would I reply to say I'm a medical librarian? Also, how do I say Scotland? Thanks!


In Gulf dialect: What do you do? شـنو شـغـلكي I am a medical librarian أنا أمينة مكتبة طبية Scotland أسكتلندا


thanks Abdullah :) Is this different from Egyptian? thanks


I thought that the teachers responded on here to questions?


Hi Jennifer, My apologies for not seeing this thread earlier! What do you do? (for addressing a male) إنتا بتشتغل إيه؟ Enta betshta'3al eah? (for addressing a female) إنتي بتشتغلي إيه؟ Enti betshta'3ali eah? I am a medical librarian أنا بشتغل دكتور في مكتبة Ana bashta'3al doctor fi maktaba Scotland إسكتلندا Iskotlanda I hope that helps! Apologies again for the late response.

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