Forum Rocket Arabic Conversation in Arabic Come to this forum if you know arabic and want to teach others or if you dont know and want to learn it!!!

Come to this forum if you know arabic and want to teach others or if you dont know and want to learn it!!!


Hi all you toiling Arabic students! My name is Khaduj and I have been studyig fuS7a (Modern Standard Arabic of the news media) for six years. I am just beginning with my studies in Egyptian Arabic and sure do love this program! If any one of you is also interested to study fuS7a along with your Egyptian, you can participate in a FB page I have for fuS7a students. It's for free, of course.


السلام عليكم! اسمي حسن, و انا من كندا. ازيك؟ انت اسمك ايه؟ انت منين؟


Salaams, can someone tell me what Arabic this course offers i.e in which country is it spoken, Eygpt, UAE, Saudi etc...


اهلا بك


'I am new to Arabic and very excited about learning the language. I am looking for someone to study/speak with to develop my speaking and help with my learning process.

again I'm new to the language.


Is there any difference between egyptian arabic and the saudi,s or uae arabs spaeak


ahlan wa sahlan bekum, ana ismi hussein wa ana min Yemen wa Somalia bas ana yu3aishu fee london., izzayak/ik ya naas??? Il arabi mish sa3b , bas wallah il arabi sahl awy wa il arabi fee masry gameel giddan!!!!! :) ana lisah bat3alem fee madrasa wa hum takalam inglizi , ila haaza sa3b . bas inshallah ana batkalem arabi ba3d madrasa . i hope this was kind of correct people :)


ahlan wa sahlan , ana Samra min Bosnia .I just strated with arabic lenguage and i hope inshAllah will be good. Ma3essalama


ahlan wa sahalan - اهلا ؤصهلا ana ismi Mary - انا اسمى مارئ دغر ana Taliba - انا طالبة - ( I am a student) (I hope I got this right)


Salam Arif! Rocket Arabic teaches Egyptian Arabic :) Please let me know if you have any further questions! - Amira


Hi Naushad You might find this post useful in explaining the difference: I hope that helps! - Amira





I'm just arrive in Egypt. Anybody student or someone that we can meet and talk. Ana wasoltu fi Qaherah, ayyu sokhsin / talib allazi i7na mumkin uqabil?


Hey, I'm brand new too and I would love someone to practice with.


Ahlan wa sahlan! Khayf halek?


I'm willing to help here

[email protected]

al7amd lilla bikair

[email protected]

ahlan biki


wahed itnen talata arbaa khumsa sitta saba tamanya tesa ashara - pronouceation of 1-10

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