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kinda random


Hi im sorta new here. Umm i just checked out the simple arabic words on here and its different to what my old arabic teacher taught me. Like "Ana ismee Lamisha" is My name is Lamisha but on here its diferent. Is it like a modern version arabic or something? kinda confused like...


Hi Lamisha, Welcome to our forum. We are learning Egyptian Arabic here. I don't know what kind of Arabic your old teacher taught you. My name is in Egyptian Arabic: انا اسمي Ana ismi Have fun learning Arabic. Johh H8


you might studied the classic Arabic, which is good.(can be used in any arab spoken country) but here is the Egyptian arabic. once u learn it u can enjoy the Egyptian movies or traveling and practicing in Egypt


Also, if you are writing in Romanization letters instead of Arabic lettering, the words can be spelled in different ways because it is just an interpretation of the Arabic phonetics.

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