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Please break down this sentence


ممكن اعرف يعني ايه قهوة تركي

Please break this down....thanks...a little strange...


Thank You, however, I meant I don't understand how this reads...please break down the sectence explaining the words....thanks


ممكن = is it possible?
اعرف =  I know
يعني = it means
ايه = what
قهوة = coffee
تركي = Turkish

If you listen to "the interactive audio" that first appears in the lessons, this is all broken down for you.

Have fun!


Thanks! Yes, I was going over the lesson in the interactive audio and I found it confusing because the English translation says pretty much 'can you tell me'....when the Arabic words simply don't say 'tell me', literally reads (now that I better understand) 'can I know what it means to know Turkish coffee'....switching around some words 'what', 'it means' in a unique placement within the I get it!! Thanks for the translation! I can better understand it....

The sentence following this one is difficult too....because a lot of the words are unknown and not even listed as the vocabulary at the end of the's a lot of guess work and ambiguity for the beginning of an Arabic language journey!!


****عايزة اروح وسط البلد عند المجمع

Why do they use عند in this sentence?


عايز = I want
اروح = I go
وسط = middle
البلد = the country
عند = at, near
المجمع = the complex

The 'fun' part (sometimes very frustrating) is when we reconstruct the sentences into English at the early years of learning Arabic.  However, of course, eventually we will want to think in the Arabic construction and stop translating word for word.  Some languages are easier for this new way of thinking in the new language, but I find that Arabic is not one of the easy ones for this.  However, the way I look at it, that is the fun....somewhat like a crossword puzzle.  The other fun part is reading Arabic without the diacritics (short vowel markings).  However in Egyptian Ameeya it is rarely read anyway!  The only time we'll see it written is on places like Facebook comments.  One of Arabic's easy points is that it is pronounced as it is written, unlike maniac pronunciation of English or French!
Make sure to keep it fun.  When I get frustrated I take a 'fun' break, like learning an Arabic song, or something that is less pressure on me, then I jump back into the hard, but fun, work LOL


I soooo much appreciate your really helps....I will be attending a VERY intense, full immersion course in June and I would like to enter the school at an intermediate level.  I've been telling everyone how much I love this program!! I'm doing pretty well and actually LOVE writing in Arabic....Thanks again for your ever so necessary tutelage

BTW - I will be looking up a song I really like...I guess it's a pretty "rebellious" song in the Arab world...not even sure if that is even correct...but it's called "Barra Barra" and the singer is from Algeria, Rachid Taha...that will be my first song to translate!


check this out, Candice;

It is a great site for learning ARabic songs.  I am delighted to help you, thanks for the lovely words.  Its awesome that you love writing Arabic.  It is essential skill in my opinion and makes learning so much easier in the long run.  

check out this song.   I have the words written out in Arabic with the translation, if you want them.  My email is   [email protected] if you want contact with me through email where I can send you attachments.


It is so cool that you are going to get into intense studies.  Who are you doing the intensive with?  And, what school are you going to try to get into.  I took two years of Modern Standard Arabic with West Chester University in West Chester, Pa.  But I home studied for four years before that.  Now I study on Skype with a study partner from Jordan.  I also spent a month in Egypt with dear friend of mine who I met through Facebook, and I have dear friends in an Arab village in Israel that I spent a month with.  I use to be a Hebrew teacher, so Arabic is my second Semitic language.  Sometimes I them mix them when speaking.  I always joke that it turns out to be the language of world peace!  LOL
Keep me up to date in your progress if you want.  I am always interested in fellow Arabic language enthusiasts.


I've been accepted to the Arabic School of Middlebury in Oakland California.  It's only two months but I guess very intense and the best in the country.  We have to sign a language pledge to speak arabic only and can even get expelled if it is violated too much!! We live in the dorms (beautiful campus) and spend all day, breakfast, lunch, dinner, classes, extra curricular activities!! I've been in the criminal justice system for 21 years and a detective for 16 years in Phoenix and Jersey City New Jersey.  I stopped working in PHoenix and needed something bigger, better, MORE professional, less corrupt, etc. Sigh....

So, I moved back home just to be with family for awhile; I haven't lived home for over 22's nice and relaxing.  So....I study at night and wait for the school.  After the school, who knows....want to assist the Feds with investigations....we'l see....

Thanks for the songs! Can't wait to check it out! 

And I LOVE the mix of Hebrew and SHOULD and will probably end up being the answer to world peace....!! THanks!!


WOW what an awesome combination of law enforcement and Arabic.  You sure will be marketable once you get your Arabic down well.  

If you ever need any help, just ask :)

I know you'll do really well with the total immersion.  It sounds like such a wonderful opportunity!  Have fun with it.

Until later....

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