Hello. I love this program. It's been great fun. I didn't do a lot on it. It's been an off and on thing and each time wasn't very long. I do request a Refund. I know refunds are for within 60 days of purchase and I exceed well pass that amount of time. I, however need the money desparately. I'm in a bit of a tight spot right now. I don't think I'd use this program much in the future anyways. I sent an e-mail on this and it said I would get contacted about this for up to 2 days after sending, but I NEVER got a reply I've been waiting for, and it's been at least about a week since I left that e-mail. I'm hoping to get a reply on the forums since I'm obviously not going to get it on e-mail. So ya I do need a refund and it doesn't have to be a full refund, just most of it at least. Like I said, I really need the money right now as my job isn't as relieable anymore and it was confessed my hours will be minimum so my checks every week will be minimum.

Pascal-P Maybe you could call the numbers listed there?


Hi r_folsom, Sorry for the late reply. Our records show you were sent an email on the 7th of April but perhaps this was blocked as spam by your email provider. I have resent the email to you - please check your junk/spam folder. I hope this helps! - The Rocket Languages Team

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