about conversational speed


nihao! i just simply want to say this: ¨I have not fully reached standard conversational speed but I am trying to get there.¨ im going to take a guess! wo gang da dao kuai de tanhua, keshi wo shi y xia dao nali. xie xie!


I have long way to go to reach upto standard speed. it might be take a long time. i will try it. so someday i might speak chinese well. xie xie


我中文讲得不够快,还不会谈话,可是很快就会了 wǒ zhōng wén jiǎng de bú gòu kuài, hái bú huì tán huà, kě shì hěn kuài jiù huì le


I've been studying Mandarin for three years now and am still not up standard speed all of the time.


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