Chat partner solution: QQ


I've seen quite a few messages about people looking for partners. From my experience, I recommend that you download the chat software called "QQ". There is a version called "QQ International" that you can use if you aren't comfortable enough yet to use the Chinese version. Both versions allow for video chat. Once you download QQ, there are groups you can join composed mostly of Chinese people who wish to practice English, and some of them surely will be willing to meet you in the middle and practice Chinese as well. In addition, you maybe will get random adds since you are from a foreign country and are using QQ.


I need some one talk with me


I'm not very much online at QQ, because I don't got time for it. However you can try to add me. I think my name is xigua, but I am not sure right now.


I find that I'm learning words but I don't have anyone to talk to so I'm not making conversations from the words. I will have a look at QQ although I think I would prefer someone to write to in Pinyin.


Q: What is the website for Chat partner solution QQ download?


option 1 (chinese software version): option 2 (international version in english):

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