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Chinese conversation through Skype or similar?


Looking for some rocket Chinese friends to directly converse with and study with in Skype or something similar, Could anyone oblige? I'm very serious about this but I just really need a Rocket Chinese friend in addition.


Hi.. I would be interested in this. I am not sure what level you are at but i have just started with Rocket Chinese.


absolutely, you can add me on Skype as Anen Fairy/[email protected]
I am just starting out as well, again.


I'm still looking for a study partner, Please respond. I really need this sort of immersion to learn better.


Are you still interested?  I have several friends that I already converse with that live in China, but I would gladly use the practice!


Not to direct you away from Rocket Chinese, but I found someone to converse with regularly by getting on italki. I still use Rocket Chinese for most of my learning, but it's great to have a native to help me.

David K

If any of you are still here I would be interested in practicing Chinese either here in the forums, or with Skype, email, txt messages or any other way.

再见! Zàijiàn! Goodbye!

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