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Forum Rocket Chinese Conversation in Chinese Chinese: Survival Kit: Tones- Error?

Chinese: Survival Kit: Tones- Error?



Hi, I'm trying to pass this lesson, and about half of the writing ones under "Testing" are coming back rated as "Not at all" for some reason. I am wondering if there is a glitch in the system on this one. I believe I'm decently close to sounding right, and my written answers are correct. Please assist. Thanks much.


I had similar problems. The only way to pass the writing test is to key in the words without the diacritics, i.e. no tone marks. They you get "decent" scores. This is definitely a glitch.


你们好! I have just had a look at the test and also found that it didn't recognize the pinyin so I will go and get in contact with our technical team and see if we can get this sorted out. Curiously it works fine in other lessons so it may just be a slight glitch in the programming. Hope this gets sorted soon! - Lin Ping

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