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"duochang" shi jian le"


nihao lin ping, what does duochang mean? and what does shijian le mean? shie shieh ni! amir


多长 duochang= how long 时间 shijian= time


duo how much or how little chang length Thanks Oggiedoggy, you are doing a very professional job here!


Yes, I guess a good researcher online can master a new language super fast. Everything is there to be dug out so long we seek earnestly. HAPPY LEARNING TO AMIR AND OGGIEDOGGY


I have studied online with other companies. I like Rocket Chinese because of Lin Ping's voice. Her pronunciation is very clear. The western man's pronunciation in the early lessons is ridiculous and they should not use western, non native speakers for teaching pronunciation. Also, Ye Tao's voice is not as clear as Lin Ping's voice.


Lin Ping, Would you say 多长 is/works the same as 多少? Could be it be used like 多少时间?


你好 Jaime, No, 多长 and 多少 do not mean the same thing and they can't be used in the same situation. 多长 is to do with the length of things such as time, so as you know 多长时间 多少 is to do with quantities such as money or large groups of people. For example, 多少钱。 Although these two words are quite similar in meaning, just remember that they are not interchangeable. I hope this helps and keep on studying :) - Lin Ping


谢谢Lynne. What about 多长 and 多久 ?


Jaime_Andres: 多长 is described above, but as in pinyin (duo chang). It means how long as in length. 多久 (duo jiu) means how long in time. Also I see that you posted this several months ago so I am sure you have figured that out by yourself long ago;-)

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