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enjoy your lunch


I was trying to find ways to say "enjoy your lunch" and I thought maybe something like this: zhù nǐ wǔfàn kuàilè 祝你午饭快乐 have a happy lunch Is there a better way of expressing such sentiment? Do people in China say such things? I know you can substitute wǔcān (午餐) for wǔfàn (午饭).


Robert 你好! To be honest we don't really have that expression in Chinese but we do have an expression which is: mànmàn chī 慢慢吃 Literally, it translates as "eat slowly" but I guess you could translate it into something more like "take your time (to enjoy your food)" I hope this helps and keep up the good work! - Lin Ping


Thank you for answering that. You confirmed a hunch that I had in that Chinese people don't tend to say things like have a happy lunch. We, in the US, are always wishing people to be happy. I think Chinese people are much more practical, like eat slowly.

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