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Lesson 1.6 Quiz question


I'm having doubts regarding a question on this lesson's quiz: Which of the following is the correct translation of “my Canadian friend”? I answered with: wǒde Jiānádàrén péngyou However it says that the correct answer is: wǒde Jiānádà péngyou Why is this? It seems to me that the answer labeled as 'correct' says something like "My Canada friend", since the character 人 is not present, just like if it was wǒde zhonguo péngyou (我的中国朋友) which I think it should be 我的中国人朋友。 Can anyone clear this for me please?


Theoretically your analysis is right. But in daily life, we use the correct anwers listed above. Yes, idiomatic usages I would say they are. Keep on the good effort Jaime_Andres.


谢谢 Lin Ping, I will try to remember that.

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