lesson 1.8 time quiz


Can some1 explain these question answers? Choose the odd one that doesn’t fit into the group. nǎr jǐ ma le - ( correct ) Also, why can't shídiǎn èrkè can't be used? doesn't èrkè mean 2 quarters which is half past? All of the followings can be used to refer to “half past ten” except: shídiǎn sānshífēn shídiǎnbàn chà sānshífēn shíyīdiǎn shídiǎn èrkè - ( correct )


nar/ji/ma = question words erke is wrong because people just say ban 半. I suppose you would eventually be understood saying "erke" but it is akin to a native English speaker saying "10 oclock and 30 of 60 minutes"


Shi dian sanshifen shi dian ban These two are correct, the rest of the two are not used, although people can still undertand u, but maybe with their eye brows raised. LOL. I see you are a very logical thinker, good good. Happy learning!


Thanks Oggie for volunteering many of the nswering and sharing jobs in this site. Your prompt and professional imput is very much appreciated!

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