Lesson 3.2 Booking in a hotel



Lin, the receptionist says:

Měigerén yào fù yīqiān liùbǎi yuán de yājīn。
Both of you need to pay 1,600 yuan deposit.

Lìngwài qǐng nín chūshì nínde hùzhào。
In addition, please present your passports.
Dave replies with:

Zhè shì wǒmende hùzhào hé yīqiān liùbǎi yuán。
Here is 1,600 yuan and the passports.

My question is: Shouldn't Dave have given her 3200 yuan, 1600 for each room?


That is a bit confusing.  The way I see it is that both rooms are being booked together under one account, e.g. folio.  So perhaps the deposit is meant to cover both rooms.  The first line seems to imply that the 1600 yuan is for each room and the total deposit should be 3200 yuan.  That would be 4 days up front for a 7 day stay which seems pretty steep.  Here in the US where rooms are guaranteed with credit cards that isn't necessary.  However, if you are paying cash, things must be different.

Interestingly, the English translation you give for the second line is better than what actually appears in the dialog (And I need your passports).


OK - I just posted a response and no points were rewarded.  Perhaps they will be given for this response.


Actually I don't see any reference as to both rooms being booked under a single account. Regardless, the 1st line says "everyone (each person) needs to pay the deposit."
I erroneously translated the 2nd line as "your passports" and should be "your passport".
The 3rd line Dave says: 这是我们的护照 , Here are our passports.

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