Lets Talk in Chinese Together!


Nin Hao! Nihaoma?


Nǐ hǎoma? Hi, I'm a beginner learning Chinese and I'm afraid I am not too confident enough to talk Chinese with someone else but I want to share resources for learning Chinese. I'm learning the 2200 most common chinese characters and let me tell you: it really works: I've learned 200 characters per week (actually, past week was the first one), FYI is the Hoening method and flash cards, if you want more information about it, feel free to contact me at any time. In addition to this, I realised you are learning Spanish too, which is my native language, so if you want to practice, go ahead (It should be a good chance to improve my English skill, as you can see, I need it!) Zàijiàn!


Nihao! Jiandao ni wo hen gaoxing!


hi hao wo jiao ai luo we shi mei gou ren. ni da shen ma ming zhe! i am still a student and i am atill learning chinese and right now im in chinese 2 but im about to move to another school and that school doesnt have a chinese class and i want to continue to learn chinese so i hope i'll know more things.. :) xie xie zaijian!!


ni men hao! ( Hi to all) ni men ( You ) dou shi ( all are) hao ( good ) xue sheng ( student, students)! jia you ! ( jia : ADD, you: OIL, meaning: please add oil so that your lamp burn more brightly! Your progress more fastly . Keep on the good work!) Happy Learning!


nimen hao wo jiao noura wo xuexi hanyu yinianji xuesheng wo de hanyu bu liuli wo hen xihuan hanyu wo xiang qu zhongguo wo shi sodan ren wo yao hen dou zhongguo pengyou dajia zaijian


ni man hao wo jiao paul zaijian


nihao, renshi nimen wo hen gaoxing. xie xie NORA1, ye xie xie PAUL H2. Hi, I am glad to meet you all. Thanks to Nora1 , also thanks to Paul h2.


did you ever hui shu(nurse(


Nurse is hu shi.Hu is fourth tone, shi is also fourth tone, sorry I do not know how to add tones to my pinyin. HELP!


Lin do you use Windows? If so go here: (if not there is a Mac version too - I'll add a link for that in a bit) 1) http://pinyinput.sourceforge.net/ 2) Now, click on “Latest version (1.1.0) - Compatible with 32- and 64-bit Windows XP/Vista/7” --- the words "latest version" is the actual link to click on. 3) Then, find the file on your computer. Right click on the file and click "run as administrator"...... administrator Lin \(^o^)/ 4) Now in the drop down box where it should say PRC 什么的。In order for the Pinyinput program to function correctly in Microsoft Word, this country setting must be changed to English. Pick whatever English (country) you have the option of. Mine let me pick English (Australia). 5) The program is installed now but not ready to use. To do so, IN WINDOWS 7 go to "start- control panel- change keyboards or other input methods- change keyboards-" if you have any other compatible version of Windows then the only difference will be in the steps required to open the "change keyboards or other input methods" dialog box. I do not know offhand exactly how to get there. If anyone has problems let me know and I can check for you. >>>>>>>>>>continuing 6) Ok, now check in the box on the left for the countries you need. If you also picked English then you should look for English (whatever country you could pick. Maybe it is Australia, just like mine). 7) Under "keyboard" look for it to list "Pinyinput". If it is there then you are done! I recommend going to the "advanced key settings" tab on the top of this "Text services and input languages" box and setting a hot key in order to make switching to Pinyinput faster. If Pinyinput is NOT LISTED then go to step 8 8) Underneath English (the country Pinyinput listed when it was installing. In my case it was Australia), underneath there click on "Keyboard" and then click on "add" on the right side of the box. In the new box that pops up, find the "English - x country" and then click on the plus to expand your choices. Next click on the + sign next to "keyboard" if it is not expanded already. 9) Check the box next to pinyinput and click ok! Again I recommend setting a hotkey for pinyinput so you can switch to it without having to use the mouse to click on the bottom right corner of the screen in Windows. It is just faster that is all! _______________________________________ 10) I personally live in the US and use "English- USA" because I live in the USA... BUT for whatever reason when I installed Pinyinput I couldn't choose English - USA to install the "check box" for pinyinput in that expander tree. So I had to use "English - Australia". As far as I know it is identical to that of the USA, so if you also used the ENglish - USA keyboard and don't want to have two English keyboards to switch between when you press alt+shift to shift languages, then you can underneath the "Default Input Language" drop down menu select "english (x country picked in pinyinput install. In my case it was australia) - US as your default language. This will keep things nice and tidy when you are switching between keyboards!


Hi, aira s. In your post you said, ni da shen ma ming zhe! I think you were trying to say: What is your name? Did I guess right? If you were, then I think the right way to say it(in a casual non-professional way where you dont ask first name, last name) is: ni jiao shenma mingzhe. ----Selena


同学们 你好 我想跟你们会话要怎么办呢


Does anyone know where I can get some oral practice in chinese? And not just already written dialogues? Thanx, Selena


how can I HAVE DIALOGUE with the native speaker , student,or teacher?


If you use firefox then go here www.perapera.org and download this software to provide excellent pop up translation for your browser. Then, find some Chinese friends in an online forum!


HI Selina The correct pinyin is ni jiao shenme mingzi ? Pinyin can be confusing at the best of times since there are so many words that are spelt the same, yet mean different things. Quite often we have th read the context of the sentence in order to understand a pinyin word that can be mis-interpreted as something else Therefore I think it is important to make sure we spell pinyin words correctly in order to avoid even more confusion (lol) I hope you dont mind me correcting your spelling, but I have found that being corrected is often the best way to avoid future mistakes


Yes. Thankyou for pointing out my mistake! I am not too familiar with writing with pinyin. :) ----Selena


Ni hao, I'm just begin to learn only ni hao. pls suggest me some more words.


我的 汉语 很棒。 我有 一个 汉堡 包。 The sentence is unfortunately not true:(


Qadir A, What kind of words would you like to know?


大家好! It is nice to see everyone chatting online and helping each other out! Your Mandarin is indeed very good Vergard :) Thank you Nigel for being proactive and helping out! 你们都是好学生!继续努力学习吧!You are all such good students! Keep up the hard work! 要是你们有什么问题别犹豫把它留在这个论坛上。If you have any kind of question, please don't hesitate to leave it on the forum. 加油! - Lin Ping


我去北京这个年了。我喜欢你的茶。 下个次我要去内部的部分的国家。你懂不懂?


你好Vergard, 很好!差不多都看懂。 你什么时候再去中国? 再见


I am currently working on my Chinese and Spanish as well, anyone that wants to practice conversationally my skype is danny_crowley feel free to add me and we can do some language learning together!


nin haoma? how do you say what is your name? I forgot, because i'm new to all of this.


One way to ask it is this: Nǐ jiào shénme míngzì? 你叫什么名字?


我叫西瓜。 2012年六月我去中国第一次了。 下年度我或者学习在一个中国的大学。 你们呢? 我听某人说: ”你的名叫什么?“ 在哪儿,人们说那么?


大家好, 我们学生这一学期都结束了。这暑假之后,我打算回中国教英文。你们打算怎么过这次暑假呢? 欧博思






Carlos V1. Where can I get the Hoenig Method flash cards? Maybe from Amazon?

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