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Nǐ hǎo, wǒ de míngzì shì dà wèi

David K

David K


Nǐ hǎo, wǒ de míngzì shì dà wèi hé wǒ gāng kāishǐ zhōngguó de lìchéng.
Wǒ yīzhí zài yánjiū de déyǔ kèchéng yīgè yuè.
Wǒ zài zuò zhège zhùyì dào gǔgē de bāngzhù xià fānyì. Yīncǐ, ràng wǒ tíqián wéi rènhé cuòwù dàoqiàn.

Hello my name is david and I have just started the Chinese course.
I have been studying the German course for one month.
I'm making this note with the help of Google Translate. So let me apologize for any errors in advance.


Welcome to Chinese. Be forewarned that Google Translate butchers Chinese badly. I will defer to the natives speakers to comment on what you wrote.
David K

David K

I can only imagine.  But one needs to start learning someplace. 
My experience is that when learning a new languages repeated practice is the main driver of improvement.  The many different kinds of exercises are valuable in they keep things more interesting while doing something with the word over and over again dozens of times or more before one really learns it.

Having done over a month now of very intense days of 4 - 8 hours a day of Germarn exercises and having just started Chinese, I'm looking for any excuse to learn by trying to really learn the language so I can count it as study time instead of just doing nothing but thousands of more exercises.

I think it would be great if someone fluent in Mandarin came along and dissected dozens of errors in that big block of unintelligible Chinese characters.  I only know less than a dozen Mandarin characters so for and absolutely nothing about sentence structure.  If I can't get some discussion in these forums I am doomed to do another 5 hours today of flashcards, and exercises. :-)

Do you have a small screen keyboard for entering accents in your conversation box Robert?  I do not. So that's why I have to keep a side window open to Google translate, so i can put in the proper Chinese characters and accent marks.  I only just discovered how to use the PinYin Look Up table keyboard in Write Up Part 2 this morning after hours of fiddling around with it.  

So, here are for of my 10 Mandarin characters I actually know without Google  If I'm wrong on these I will loose much face.
Xièxiè. Zàijiàn.

David   (By next time we chat Robert I will probably become Dawe, but I do not remember those Chinese characters yet.)


There are tools you can install on your PC to make it easier to enter Pinyin but I usually enter Hanzi characters into Google Translate and copy and paste the Pinyin they display. Now, to enter Hanzi characters, you can install an add-on to Google Chrome to allow alternate inputs. Look up "Google input tools". Microsoft has something similar.




In terms of pinyin input tools, I use this one:

It is the best tool I have come across so far and simple to use. Now you have to pay but it is more of a donation and you can get away with paying only a dollar if you choose. 


David K

David K


Nǐ hǎo lín píng,
gǎnxiè nín de pínglùn hé ruǎnjiàn jiànyì.
dà wèi

Hello Lin Ping,
Thank you for your comment and software recommendation.


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