Plural in chinese


So far i've learned quite a few nouns, but I've always wondered how to distinguish singular from plural. Is there a special extra character for this?


Other than adding 们 to the pronouns to make them plural, I don't think there is a specific character to indicate that a noun is plural. I believe you just have to look at the context of the sentence to determine if the noun is plural or not. For instance: 那个人很高 - That person is tall 那些人都很高 - Those people are tall The noun 人 does not change when referring to one or several, like it does in English from person to people. But you can identify that 人 is plural in the 2nd sentence because of the preceding word 些 meaning a few, and the word 都 meaning all.


你好! That was perfectly answered DboP and I hope that Jaime_Andres understood it! Keep up the good work! - Lin Ping


谢谢你 DboP, I understand now. I guess I gotta practice more to get the difference between plural and singular sentences.


Also,the position of the noun relative to the verb is often important for identifying the plurality of a noun. Say you are at a party: 来了人 "Someone's coming" 人来了 "(certain person that you already all know and are expecting) is coming" 毯子拿来给我吧 You should get the blanket for me (maybe your favorite blanket) 拿来毯子给我吧 You should bring me a blanket (doesn't matter which, just a blanket)

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