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Should I change the pitch of my voice?


Hi, I naturally have a deep voice. Given the tonal nature of Chinese, am I supposed to use the upper registers of my voice as to mostly closely match the pitch and tone or can I use my normal voice and just match the tones? Thanks!


You can use your normal voice. In English, we use tones to convey the meaning of an entire phrase or sentence. A sentence can be a statement or a question or a scolding depending on the tone. Chinese is similar but each syllable is toned. So, you need to pay special attention to whether a given syllable is high, rising, low, or falling tone.


你们好! Yes, as Robert said, just use your normal voice and match the tones. Because the tones tend to have movement (apart from the first tone) you can start from any pitch as long as you carry out the tone to its full. Not everybody in China speaks with a homogenous voice and they too have people you have naturally deep voices and naturally high voice, but it is with how they articulate the tones that makes them understood. Keep up the good work! - Lin Ping


I see! That totally clarifies it for me. Thanks to both you for your great replies.

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