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Forum Rocket French Conversation in French 1.4 Being Thirsty -- "I do not want anything"

1.4 Being Thirsty -- "I do not want anything"



Okay, folks, I am new and just finished taking the 1.4 Being Thirsty quiz so easy on me.

The task was finding the correct french translation for "I do not want anything" and recalling from the lessons the "ne ... pas" so I chose "je ne voudrais pas" and turned out I was wrong. So why is "Je ne veux rien" correct"? May have missed it in a lesson plan prior to 1.4 - any thoughts?


French, like English, has several ways to make negative expressions, depending on what a person wants to say.  Thus "Je ne veux pas" means I don't want, and "Je ne veux rien" means I don't want anything.

The many ways to make negative expressions are presented in detail in Lesson 4.12.  You might like to look at it.


Thanks for your feedback and insight along with the reference to Lesson 4.12 :-)


That confused me also.  I am getting used to it though.  Using rien, jamais, personne and other negations once you learn them and start using them, things make a little more sense.
Be patient.

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