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Can I slow down the audio of my rocket French ?

Deborah 12

Can I slow down the audio


I agree!  Especially for the advanced lessons.  Too fast to understand the words enough to repeat!


The ability to slow the audio would be nice, but what I would really like is the ability to select individual words in a sentence and repeat them.  Often there are only one or two troublesome words, but the whole sentence must be re-played to get that one word.


I agree, those would be nice features. When I have an issue with understanding or speaking words or sentences, I go to Google Translate. It allows the user to paste in word by word and listen from another perspective. It also provides speech recognition and is much more fussy about pronunciation than Rocket Languages set at level: Hard.


Bonjour à tous,

I think this idea is a very good one. What I have suggested to the team is that a widget is included on the left hand side of the page, much like the 'Rocket Record Difficulty' widget, that can control the speed of the audio, say for example, 'normal', '3/4 speed' and '1/2 speed'. 

Let me know what you think of this idea and we will do our best to get this included in the upcoming developments.

Keep up the great work and feedback!

   -   Marie-Claire


Adding speed control would be very useful. That coupled with the ability to isolate Individual words would also be very useful!

Thanks very much for your feedback!

Prends Soin


Merci, Marie-Claire.
I also agree with Ronald.


If you download the mp3 and play it back in VLC you can slow it down.  It is found under the Playback tab | Speed.  You can slow down or speed up the audio.

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